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_Audit of retail processes using the Moki platform.


The client operates more than 200 stores across the country. With the enormous scale of operations, maintaining consistent operational efficiency across all outlets is a challenge. Discrepancies in operational activities, varying procedural standards, and lack of real-time insights into operational metrics are some common issues faced.

Gerente de loja varejista usando a Moki


1. Digitalization of verification processes.

With the Moki Platform, the customer digitizes the entire verification process. Every store, regardless of its location, follows the same digital procedure to ensure uniformity.

2. Programming and monitoring.

All daily, weekly and monthly operational activities and routines are programmed in Moki. This gives store managers a clear understanding of what needs to be done, and the central team can monitor these activities in real time.

3. Verification and reporting.

Procedures such as stock checking, employee service and customer feedback are verified through Moki. The software then generates metrics, indicators, reports and dashboards that provide a consolidated view of operations across all stores.

4. Action plans.

If discrepancies or non-conformities are detected, Moki instantly creates an Action Plan. Responsibilities for remediating the situation are assigned to store managers, ensuring rapid resolution of potential issues.

5. 360º measurement of process efficiency.

Moki offers a comprehensive view of retail processes, helping the company evaluate efficiency from every possible angle.

6. Adapting to the retail environment.

Retail trends are constantly evolving. Moki is flexible and adjusts to changes in the business environment, ensuring that the client is always ahead in its operational strategy.

7.Strategic adjustments.

Given the constantly changing business environments, Moki is always adjusting its parameters, including new HSE regulations. This ensures that the customer remains compliant even as standards evolve.

_Examples of forms used to verify retail processes:

Stock check form.

Ensure all products are adequately stocked with no discrepancies in stock count and expired products are removed.



After implementing the Moki Platform to audit retail processes, the client experienced a 15% increase in operational efficiency in six months. Consistent procedures across all outlets reduced discrepancies and improved overall customer satisfaction. The real-time insights provided by Moki enabled rapid decision-making, ensuring any issues were immediately resolved. Moki's flexibility also ensured that the corporation remained agile and adaptable to the changing retail landscape.

Form EDI

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