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_Dairy farm process efficiency verification using the Moki platform.


A medium-sized dairy farm has been facing problems related to declining productivity, waste of resources and discrepancies in routine operations. The farm aims to analyze and increase the efficiency of its processes to ensure optimal milk production, reduce waste and streamline daily activities.

Fazendeiro verificando dados da produção
Etapas de implementação da Moki


1. Digitization and automation.

With the implementation of the Moki Platform, the farm digitizes all its operations. From feeding schedules to milking routines, all processes are now monitored digitally.

2. Programming and monitoring.

Using Moki, the farm establishes a routine for feeding, milking and cleaning. Alerts are generated if there is any deviation from the established routine, ensuring timely actions and adjustments.

3. Procedure check.

Moki checks feeding and milking procedures, checking that cows are being fed the right amount of nutrients and ensuring the milking process is hygienic and efficient.

4. Metrics and indicators.

With the help of dashboards, the farm can now monitor the amount of milk produced daily, compare it with the feed provided, and identify patterns in milk production.

5. Action Plans for non-conformities.

 In cases where milk production is lower than expected or there are problems with the machinery, Moki suggests action plans. For example, if a machine is found to be faulty during milking, Moki assigns responsibility to the maintenance team for immediate repair.

6. 360º measurement.

The farm now has a holistic view of its operations. From cow health to the efficiency of storage processes, everything is under scrutiny.

7. Adaptability.

The dairy industry is susceptible to change, whether due to seasonal variations or market demands. Moki easily adjusts to these demands, allowing the customer to make decisions in real time.

_Forms for evaluating dairy farm processes:

Checking livestock health and nutrition.

It keeps track of each cow's health records, their vaccination schedules and monitors the quality and quantity of feed.



With Moki's multidisciplinary platform, the farm made the transition to a digital and automated farm that prioritizes efficiency in its processes. Using actionable insights, alerts and adaptable functionality has streamlined operations, reduced waste and ensured a more holistic approach to dairy farming. The clarity and control brought by Moki allows the dairy farm to make strategic decisions, ensuring both the welfare of the cattle and the quality of the products.

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