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_Moki is the most complete platform on the market for Process Management and Operational Efficiency.

Equip your company with a digital solution that transforms data capture, process verification and treatment of non-conformities with valuable insights, making the operation increasingly efficient and profitable.


_Moki is not just a checklist tool.

Our digital platform was designed to transform the management of operational processes. Its intelligent features allow companies to evaluate the efficiency of their processes, identify opportunities for improvement and make data-based decisions.

_Information, evidence and results in the same place and in real time.

Programming and control of operational activities.

Efficiently schedule tasksyour team's fans and activities and track them in real time.

Intelligent digital forms.

Create customizable digital forms, automate data collection and eliminate your spreadsheets.

Solving problems with efficient Action Plans.

Define actions, deadlines and responsible parties. Steelcarry them outtations, monitor progress and measure results.

Collaboration tools and file repository.

Instant and centralized communications.

Access images and files captured by the platform in a single repository of information.

Effortless visualization of metrics and results.

Give visibility to yourkey performance metrics through customized dashboards


_Operational intelligence solution for different segments:

_For over 15 years, helping leading companies in Brazil and the world to be more efficient every day.

_Our platform can do much more for you. With Moki, you will be able to get rid of pains such as:


Excessive effort to build performance reports.

  • When work is manual, there is a greater risk of errors and failures. This can cause quality, safety and compliance issues and result in additional costs for the company.

  • Reports are time-consuming, inaccurate or outdated, lead to a waste of time, effort, resources and put your decision-making at risk.


_Join Moki and embark on a transformative journey towards operational excellence, promoting the perfect scenario for reducing costs and increasing revenue.

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"We have a culture of sharing good ideas. For me, Moki is more than just questions and answers, it generates interaction between people, showing where the problems are, so that everyone can suggest action plans.It's a tool that encourages the team to seek improvements."

Leroy Merlin

_Contact us and live the Moki experience!

Join the countless companies that have believed in Moki and experienced the benefits of growth and efficiency gains. Don't wait, start your journey with Moki now and boost your operation towards excellence!


Fill out the form to schedule a demo and show how Moki can help your business do more with less.

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