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_Verification of the efficiency of the logistics process using the Moki platform.


The client is a global transportation and freight company that manages a vast network of shipping, trucks, containers and storage facilities. It has been dealing with issues related to late shipments, lost packages and inefficiencies in its warehousing process. To improve its operational performance, the Moki Platform was implemented.


Digitize, monitor and automate the efficiency check of logistics processes from start to finish, and employ actionable insights to improve overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Trabalhadores realizando gestão de processo logistico


1. Programming and monitoring.

The customer schedules its routine shipments, truck routes and storage processes at Moki. Real-time monitoring ensures that shipments are on schedule, trucks are routed efficiently, and warehousing activities run smoothly.

2. Procedure check.

Moki verifies the standard operating procedures in place for loading and unloading, labeling shipments and managing inventory in warehouses.

3. Metrics and reports.

Using Moki's dashboard, the customer tracks key metrics such as shipping delays, truck idle times, and inventory turnover rates. These metrics are presented in detailed reports for management analysis.

4. Action plans.

Whenever non-compliance or inefficiency is detected, Moki proposes an Action Plan. For example, if a certain shipping route consistently experiences delays, an Action Plan may suggest rerouting or adding new resources.

5. Assignment of responsibility.

Moki assigns specific team members or departments to resolve detected issues. For example, if a warehouse shows inefficiencies in inventory management, the warehouse manager is notified and given actionable steps.

_Examples of forms used to evaluate logistics processes:

Shipment handling verification form.

A) Correct labeling of packaging.


B) Verification of packaging contents against manifests.


C) Adequate storage conditions maintained for sensitive goods.



Using the Moki Platform, the company migrated its operations to a proactive and digitized system. Leveraging the platform's multidisciplinary and flexible approach, it identified inefficiencies and implemented targeted solutions. This has not only strengthened its operational efficiency but also improved its reputation and customer trust.

With Moki Platform tools and services, companies can revolutionize their operations, ensuring they remain agile and resilient in an ever-changing business landscape.

Form EDI

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