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_Efficiency audit of operational standards using the Moki platform.


A leading supplier of industrial machinery has observed inconsistencies in its operating standards across its various factories. To maintain its reputation and ensure product quality, the company's management decided to use the Moki Platform for a comprehensive process efficiency audit.



1. Initialization.

The client adopts the Moki Platform in its operations in all factories. The multidisciplinary nature of the platform adapts perfectly to diverse operational routines.

2. Programming and monitoring.

The client's operations team begins scheduling daily, weekly and monthly operational activities and routines at Moki. The platform's real-time monitoring capabilities ensure that deviations from standard procedures are quickly identified.

3. Checking procedures.

Moki systematically checks that procedures in all factories are aligned with established operational standards.

4. Metrics report.

Every week, factory managers receive automated reports highlighting metrics and indicators such as machine downtime, raw material waste and production speed. This data is visualized in panels, making it easier for managers to identify inefficiencies.

5. Action plans.

Whenever Moki identifies a non-conformity or inefficiency, it initiates an Action Plan. This plan assigns responsibilities to specific teams or individuals, ensuring that problems are resolved promptly.

6. 360º analyses.

Through Moki, the client obtains a complete view of its operations, discovering inefficiencies that were previously overlooked.

7. Adaptability.

Over the months, as the customer introduces new machines and updates operational standards, Moki's flexibility ensures it can adjust to these changes, consistently providing accurate audits.

_Examples of checklists for evaluating operational standards processes:

Machine maintenance.

Regular health checks, lubrication and calibration of machines.



By implementing the Moki Platform for Auditing Operational Standards Process Efficiency, the client not only identified and corrected gaps in its operations, but also established a dynamic system that adapts to changes. The ease of form adjustments is a testament to Moki's flexibility, ensuring that all facets of operational standards are being monitored.

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