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_Moki: revolutionizing retail operations.

In the dynamic world of retail, operational efficiency, process automation and data-based decision making are essential for companies to achieve their goals.

_Insights that drive performance!

With Moki, in addition to supervising operations, it also allows monitoring of retail procedures and control points, such as:


Safety, Health and Environmental regulatory standards.

Monitor safety protocols and guidelines and ensure a safe and healthy environment for customers and employees.

_Digital transformation of your retail processes.


Automates process steps.

With Moki, digitize the retail journey from start to finish, ensuring there are no efficiency gaps in your operational processes.

Operational Excellence
at your fingertips.

Schedule, monitor and adjust all operational activities, from inventory management to customer interactions, all in one place.


Stay ahead with real-time checks.

Moki's digital verification allows you to instantly assess every process, procedure and control point in your retail operation, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed.

Visualize your results your way.

Our intuitive reports and customizable dashboards present clear metrics and indicators, giving you the pulse of your retail operations in real time.


From insights to actions.

Did you detect a nonconformity or opportunities for improvement? Moki Action Plans allow you to assign responsibilities and ensure immediate treatment, whether in corrective or preventive cases, keeping your operations under control and focused on sales.

360º efficiency analysis.

Dive deep into every stage of your business processes, measuring performance and operational efficiency from all angles, allowing complete visibility of your business.


Adaptable and ready to use.

Retail is constantly evolving. Moki understands this, and that's why it offers versatile tools and flexible business rules, adjusting at any time to the demands and particularities of retail processes.

Data-driven decisions.

With Moki, you're not just making decisions - you're making strategic moves, analyzing and sharing data-driven, real-time information. Ensure your business is always one step ahead of the competition.


_Moki is operational and fully digital efficiency for your business.

In a world as dynamic as retail, Moki is your partner at all times, simplifying operations, optimizing your processes and ensuring that your business is always ahead of the competition. Join the digital revolution now with Moki!


_Success stories from companies like yours.

Bacio di Latte

“Now I don’t have a dependency on third parties to extract data and create analytics. The data is in my hand and I generate it how I want to visualize it.”

Renata Cunha – Quality Manager at Bacio di Latte.

Until October 2021, Bacio's Store Quality area used a checklist adapted from the one used by the mystery shopping company, which resulted in little flexibility and a limited view of the store scenario. The information was sent by email and the manager had to create tracking spreadsheets based on disorganized data.

Today, it can determine and monitor the data it deems relevant to the audit and, if necessary, can act immediately to correct errors or make adjustments.

_Choose Moki, the future of retail operations.

Get in touch to find out how Moki can innovate the way you define and execute your retail strategies.


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