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_Reach levels of excellence in your operations with Moki!

For supermarket operations, monitoring all process checkpoints, from product receipt to checkouts, is essential to ensure operational efficiency!

_Enhance Supermarket operations!

With Moki, in addition to supervising operations, it also allows monitoring of supermarket procedures and control points, such as:


Safety, Health and Environmental regulatory standards.

Monitor safety protocols and guidelines and ensure a safe and healthy environment for customers and employees.

_Tailor-made tools for the routines of Supermarket chains.


Complete verification of multiple processes.

Moki digitizes and automates the forms that audit your company's most varied operational processes, ensuring that everything, from receiving products in stores to checkouts, is agile,  efficient and controlled.

Monitoring operational routines.

Monitor all operational routines that occur inside and outside supermarkets. Whether monitoring perishable products or coordinating promotional actions in stores, Moki is the platform that helps you ensure excellence in operations.


Digital audits and supervisions.

Moki simplifies the audit of all processes, procedures and control points. Say goodbye to paper spreadsheets and Excel files that slow down your business.

View your results in a personalized way.

Understand sales trends, best-selling products and stock conditions, with clear metrics and indicators. With Moki's intuitive reports and customized dashboards, decision making becomes easier.


Implementation of Action Plan.

Did you detect a nonconformity or opportunities for improvement? Moki Action Plans allow you to assign responsibilities and ensure immediate treatment, whether in corrective or preventive cases, keeping your operations under control and focused on sales.

360º efficiency measurement.

Dive deep into every stage of your business processes, measuring performance and operational efficiency from all angles, allowing complete visibility of your business.


Dynamic and practical.

The supermarket sector is constantly evolving. Moki understands this, and that's why it offers versatile tools and flexible business rules, adjusting at any time to new market demands and particularities.

Data-driven decisions.

With Moki, you're not just making decisions - you're making strategic moves, analyzing and sharing data-driven, real-time information. Ensure your business is always one step ahead of the competition.


_Moki is operational and fully digital efficiency for your business.

In a world as dynamic as supermarkets, Moki is your partner at all times, simplifying operations, optimizing your processes and ensuring that your business is always ahead of the competition. Join the digital revolution now with Moki!


_Success stories from companies like yours.


“Over time, the reduction in non-conformities was notable, especially due to the tool’s ability to store photographic records and create action plans. The data generated in real time makes it easier for managers to view and make decisions. Moki illuminates these issues without wasting time. I'm an unconditional fan of Moki.”

Coordinator of the Loss Prevention Analysis Center at Cencosud Brasil

At the end of 2016, when they approached Moki, the loss prevention sector of the GBarbosa network observed that, often, non-conformities in the operation were not so evident. Therefore, it became necessary to discover the flaws and take corrective actions quickly.

In 2017, with the consistency of the results obtained with the optimization of daily processes, other sectors became interested in the tool.

Today, more than 300 users in various areas of the operation, including all Holding managers, use Moki.

Form Varejo

_Choose Moki and optimize the management of your supermarket network.

Get in touch now and discover how Moki helps you innovate and redefine business strategies in search of better results.

Come live the Moki experience!

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