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_Verification of efficiency of Distribution Center processes using the Moki platform.


The client is a large company that deals with storage, shipping and inventory management. With the multitude of processes occurring every day, from inbound logistics to order dispatch, management seeks an efficient way to ensure that each operation is carried out at an optimal level, without problems.


Use the Moki Platform to digitize, automate and verify the efficiency of all DC (Distribution Center) operational processes, from receiving shipments to sending orders.

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Etapas de implementação da plataforma Moki


1. Digitization of procedures.

The client starts by feeding all of her standard operating procedures into Moki. The entire process, from the entry of goods to the packaging and dispatch of the order, receives its digital representation.

2. Programming and monitoring.

With the Moki Platform, the company schedules its daily, weekly and monthly operational routines. Allows real-time monitoring, sending alerts for possible deviations or interruptions.

3. Verification.

Using Moki's automation feature, the client carries out daily checks to ensure that all procedures are followed. The platform checks each step, aiming at efficiency and time spent for each operation.

4. Metrics and reports.

Managers now receive daily, weekly and monthly reports detailing key metrics and indicators. With intuitive dashboards, decision makers can quickly evaluate the performance of each DC operation.

5. Action Plans for non-conformities.

In case of inefficiencies or deviations, Moki instantly creates an action plan, assigning responsibilities to the respective teams or individuals. This ensures that any issues identified are immediately resolved.

6. 360º analysis.

In addition to daily operations, Moki allows the client to analyze its processes in general, considering external factors, feedback from partners and seasonal changes.

7. Adaptive approach.

As customer business needs change, the Moki Platform adjusts. Whether in high season or introducing a new product line, the platform ensures that processes are always optimized.

_Examples of verification forms used in Distribution Center processes:

Goods receipt checklist.

Confirming that all shipments received meet order specifications, are undamaged and stored appropriately.

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The integration of the Moki Platform into the client's deposit processes has not only simplified its operations, but ensured a consistent level of efficiency across all sectors. By relying on digitalization and automation and Moki's actionable insights, the customer was able to improve its operational effectiveness, quickly identify and correct non-conformities, and adapt to the ever-evolving demands of the warehousing industry.

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