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_Social responsability.

The desire to seek a partner NGO arose when we identified the deep abyss that exists between opportunities and people in Brazil. And, because we recognize our privileges, we believe that it is our obligation to do what we can to change the social reality of our country.

_About the Children's Institute.

Instituto da Criança is a solution to promote human development whose purpose is to inspire solidarity, through social agents, to transform lives.

In its more than 25 years of history, the Instituto da Criança has acted as a piece that connects individuals and companies to social projects and people in vulnerable situations, ensuring that donations reach those who really need them.

However, Instituto da Criança has a differential that aroused a certain charm in us: supporting not just one project, but several. That's right, with its calendar filled with fixed projects and seasonal campaigns, we can say that the Children's Institute is truly plural.

He steps in to ensure the viability of social projects, helping with every little detail until the project becomes self-sufficient. Once that happens, the Institute withdraws to dedicate its efforts to other social actions that need help, ensuring that they can be perpetuated for a long time.

The Institute is among the 100 best NGOs in the world, according to the NGO Advisor, and is a member of ECOSOC – Economic and Social Council – of the United Nations. Since 2011, the Institute's seasonal campaigns have collected 51,701 donations.


Project Seed of Tomorrow, sponsored by the Children's Institute.


Gamboa Ação Project, sponsored by Instituto da Criança.


Adopt Program, initiative of the Children's Institute.

_Moki + Instituto da Criança.

The history of this years-long partnership began with a common ideal: we both share the idea that solidarity is the path to a less unequal world and we believe that we have to be the change we would like to see in society.

That is why we are quotaholders of the Instituto da Criança's Quota Campaign. We undertake to make a monthly contribution and become co-authors of the social results achieved by the Institute.

Bronze Partner Seal Instituto da Criança

_Everyone can help!

Everyone can contribute to Instituto da Criança's projects, either as a quota holder or even as a volunteer. The important thing is to know that you will be working with one of the best and most reliable third sector organizations in our country.

Learn more about Instituto da Criança and how to help them!

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