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_Verification of the efficiency of the maintenance process using the Moki platform.


The client is a leading manufacturing company. To maintain the optimal functioning of its production machinery, the client has a periodic maintenance schedule. However, over the past year, the number of unexpected equipment breakdowns has increased, leading to production disruptions. To resolve this issue, the company decided to use the Moki Platform to verify the efficiency of its maintenance processes.


_Implementation steps.

1. Integration with existing systems.

The customer decided to integrate Moki into their existing maintenance management system.

2. Programming and monitoring.

Using the Moki Platform, the client established protocols for regular monitoring of its maintenance activities. This includes scheduling, work order creation, and performance tracking.

3. Verification.

Through Moki, the company actively checks compliance with each maintenance procedure, verifying the best practices established by the company.

4. Metrics and reports.

Through Moki's dashboards, the customer obtains real-time data on maintenance operations. Metrics such as: maintenance time, success rate, equipment downtime and costs incurred are clearly presented.

5. Non-compliance alerts.

Whenever a procedure does not comply with standards or there is a deviation, Moki alerts the Health, Safety and Environment team. This real-time feedback ensures quick action and minimizes potential risks.

6. Action plans.

For any non-conformities detected, such as: maintenance tasks that are not being carried out on schedule or are not meeting established standards, Moki suggests action plans. Responsibilities are assigned to specific individuals or teams to address these nonconformities.

7. Settings.

As the company introduces newer machines or updates its maintenance best practices, the Moki Platform easily adjusts to these changes, ensuring the efficiency check remains up to date.

_Examples of maintenance process verification forms:

Preventive maintenance checklist.

Ensures machines are regularly checked and maintained to prevent sudden breakdowns. This includes oil changes, parts replacement, and cleaning.



By incorporating the Moki Platform, the company can perfectly check the efficiency of its operations. Through regular monitoring, real-time metrics and immediate correction of non-conformities, it significantly reduced unexpected downtime and improved overall productivity.

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