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_Verification of the efficiency of corporate training processes using the Moki platform.


As a multinational company, the client has a diverse workforce distributed across multiple regions. As part of their ongoing initiative to ensure high-quality training for their employees, they decide to implement the Moki Platform to measure and improve the efficiency of their corporate training processes.



1. Programming and monitoring.

Using Moki, the client's HR and training teams schedule their annual training calendar, considering specific training modules, instructors, locations, and training schedules. The real-time monitoring feature allows them to track scheduled training versus sessions performed.

2. Checking procedures.

Every training event is followed by a procedure check. The objective is to ensure that the training was conducted according to the planned agenda, that all topics were covered and that the correct materials were used.

3. Indicator metrics.

After each training session, participant feedback and post-training assessment scores are recorded in Moki. The platform then presents aggregated data on various metrics such as participant satisfaction, knowledge retention, and training applicability to real-world scenarios, displayed through interactive dashboards.

4. Action Plans for non-conformities.

In cases where training sessions did not meet established standards or had issues, Moki Action Plans are activated. For example, if a specific instructor consistently receives lower-than-expected feedback, a correction plan is implemented, with responsibilities assigned to specific HR personnel to resolve the issue.

5. 360º analysis.

Moki allows participants, trainers, and even managers and interns to provide feedback, giving a complete picture of training effectiveness.

6. Adaptability.

As the business environment changes and new training needs emerge, Moki facilitates adjustments to training modules, ensuring training content remains relevant and up-to-date.

_Examples of checklists used to evaluate corporate training processes:

Training module checklist.

This form is used to verify that all planned modules and topics have been covered in a training session.



In today's dynamic corporate environment, ensuring the effectiveness of training programs is paramount. The Moki Platform, with its multidimensional approach, offers an invaluable tool for companies like our client, allowing them to not only measure but also improve their training processes. By leveraging these platforms, companies can ensure their workforce is not only well-trained but also adaptable and ready for future challenges.

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