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_The Moki platform.

It is the platform for management of operational processes most complete and customizable on the marketwhich, through data analysis, generates insights for decision making. In other words, it is the solution in Operational Intelligence.

_If you have any of these problems, Moki is the solution.

Ícone de validação de processos

"Difficulty verifying and validating processes and procedures."

Ícone de problemas com a eficiência operacional

"Difficulty in measuring and sustaining operational efficiency."

Ícone acompanhamento de prazos

"Problems controlling and following the team's deadlines."

Ícone de dificuldade de atribuição de atividades

"Difficulty distributing and monitoring team activities."

Ícone esforço excessivo

"Excessive effort to build performance reports."

Ícone de inconformidades

“Problems in managing the nonconformities found.”

Ícone limitações para melhoria contínua

"Limitations to implementing Continuous Improvement."

Ícone de processo manual e com falhas

"Slow process, with a lot of manual work, rework and failures."

_Discover the Moki tool suite.


Moki is a complete operational efficiency platform. It has productivity tools specially designed to meet your company's needs, through the digitization and automation of activities and operational routines. 

Notebook com sistema Moki na tela de agenda
Smartphone com sistema Moki na tela de agenda

Operational Agenda for teams.

Complete solution for planning and monitoring operational activities:

  • Scheduling Audits, Inspections, Maintenance, Training, etc.;

  • Recurring activities;

  • Integration with Outlook and Gmail;

  • Push notifications;

  • Complete visibility through filters.

_Benefits of using Moki.

The Moki Platform helps companies improve their operational efficiency, productivity and competitiveness.
It is flexible, adaptable and data-driven, providing a solid foundation for operational excellence programs.



A complete Operational Agenda for planning operational activities, promoting a clear vision and effective coordination of tasks assigned to teams. 

_We simplify the collection and automation of your data.

Diagram Moki Process

_Moki promotes relevant operational impacts.

Guarantee of compliance with standards and regulations.

Funcionária de supermercado verificando preços
Funcionário de fábrica analisando processo

Digitization and automation of processes.

Increased financial gain and reduced costs.

Homem analisando a chegada de produtos
Agrônomo analisando qualidade dos produtos

Elimination of rework and  waste.

_Our difference.

Moki is more than a tool for applying checklists, audits or inspections, it takes operations beyond simple verification. Moki transforms data into information aiming for operational excellence.

  • Experienced team and permanent support;

  • Platform with a suite of tools that guarantees companies’ operational excellence;

  • Flexible and highly customizable platform through automations and integrations;

  • Artificial intelligence and augmented reality tools;

  • Integration with the client's Google Suite;

  • Intelligence office with exclusive services.

_Schedule a presentation to learn more about our platform!

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