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_Digitized checks of construction and building areas with the Moki platform.


A construction company is preparing to open a new commercial building. Before they begin, they need to carry out a comprehensive site survey to understand the condition of the land, ensure adherence to safety standards and verify the viability of planned structures.


Traditional on-site inspections involved a lot of paperwork, manual checks, and often errors or oversights that could lead to project delays or increased costs in the future. The management team was looking for an efficient and automated way to carry out these inspections.

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Etapas da implementação da Moki


1. Digitization and automation.

With the Moki Platform, the construction company can digitize the entire site inspection process. All checklists and checks that were previously on paper are now in digital format, accessible from tablets or smartphones.

2. Programming and monitoring.

Managers can set times for different parts of on-site research, and Moki sends reminders to research teams. The system monitors progress in real time, ensuring that all essential procedures are being checked.

3. Reports and dashboards.

After research, the team does not need to manually compile reports. The Moki Platform presents metrics, indicators and visualizations on dashboards that detail the status of the site, potential challenges and adherence to standards.

4. Action plans.

If any non-compliance or problem is identified during the research, Moki immediately promotes action plans. Responsibilities are assigned within the platform to ensure these issues are resolved promptly.

5. Adaptable to changes.

Because the construction environment is dynamic, if there are changes in regulations or specific site-related challenges, Moki adapts, ensuring research processes remain relevant and comprehensive.

_Forms used to verify inspection processes in construction and building areas.

Land topography analysis.

Checking elevation, slope and any natural obstructions.



By enlisting the Moki Platform for its construction site survey processes, the construction company not only simplified its operations, but also improved accuracy and accountability. Digitization reduced manual errors, dashboards provided clear insights into potential challenges, and action plans ensured immediate response to issues. As a result, the construction company collected accurate data, which paved the way for strategic decision-making and a smoother construction journey.

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