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_Moki was born in franchising and continues to revolutionize the segment.

Welcome to Moki – the pinnacle of operational efficiency for Franchising. In this dynamic business model, where customer trends and behaviors change all the time, Moki ensures that its processes remain aligned with the company's strategy and market projections, all in a simple and practical way.

_Moki Applications for Franchises and Franchisees.

Stay in control of processes using digital forms and customized reports adapted to franchise routines:


Compliance audit and franchise standards.

Create field audit and self-assessment tools so that all operations meet the required standards and the team carries out all proposed activities.

_Why choose Moki for your Franchise?


Powerful tool for teams of consultants and field supervisors.

Moki offers a comprehensive platform that digitizes and automates the verification of all operational processes across your franchise network. Keep all steps in accordance with the desired standards and business models.

Planning for monitoring the activities of all teams.

Scheduling and monitoring the activities of store and field teams ensures the maintenance of standards and intelligent coverage of all regions and areas where the franchise operates.


More integration between franchisee and franchisor.

Moki shares results in real time, enables the development of  personalized dashboards and provides communication tools that bring the relationship between Franchisor and Franchisee closer together. All of this makes processes more agile, transparent and strengthens the bond of trust between the parties.

Strategic decision making for multi-brand chains and investors.

Moki was also designed for the daily lives of businesspeople, investors and multi-brand franchisees whose characteristic is the challenge of administering, managing and making decisions with different strategies at the same time. Track results and build specific metrics according to each business model.


Identification and treatment of non-conformities.

Problems displaying products in the window or discrepancies in stock? Moki offers Action Plans, which can be automatically assigned to those responsible, ensuring that all non-conformities are monitored and dealt with quickly and practically.

360° view of your business.

Evaluate your store operations from all angles. Moki's customized reports and dashboards allow 360º measurement of your business, generating insights that, without them, you probably wouldn't have.


Dynamic and practical.

Franchising is constantly evolving. Moki understands this! And that's why it offers versatile tools and flexible business rules, constantly adjusting to new demands that arise in your business environment.

Data-driven decisions.

With Moki, you're not just making decisions - you're making strategic moves, analyzing and sharing data-driven, real-time information. Ensure your business is always one step ahead of the competition.


Don't let inefficiencies hold back your franchise's potential.
Moki enables simplified, data-driven management.


_Moki brings digital transformation to Franchising.

_Success stories from companies like yours.


“Now I don’t have a dependency on third parties to extract data and create analytics. The data is in my hand and I generate it how I want to visualize it.”

Renata Cunha – Quality Manager at Bacio di Latte.

Until October 2021, Bacio's Store Quality area used a checklist adapted from the one used by the mystery shopping company, which resulted in little flexibility and a limited view of the store scenario. The information was sent by email and the manager had to create tracking spreadsheets based on disorganized data.

Today, it can determine and monitor the data it deems relevant to the audit and, if necessary, can act immediately to correct errors or make adjustments.

Form Varejo

_Choose Moki, the future of Franchising operations!

Get in touch to find out how Moki can innovate the way you define and execute your franchising strategies.


Find out more, ask your questions and come live the Moki experience.

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