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_Verification of building facilities management process using the Moki platform.


The client operates a large-scale business condominium with several buildings, common areas, gardens, parking lots and critical infrastructure. To ensure the efficient operation, maintenance and safety of the facilities, the client has a multitude of operational processes, from cleaning scheduling to equipment maintenance and safety inspections.


Use the Moki Platform to digitize, automate and verify the efficiency of all Building Management processes to ensure a high standard of operational excellence and facility safety.

Funcionário verificando manutenção do prédio
Etapas para implementação da Moki


1. Digitization of procedures.

All facilities management processes - from HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) maintenance schedules, security rounds, to landscaping management - are programmed in Moki. Each process is divided into tasks and routines with clear procedures and expected results.

2. Routine monitoring.

Through Moki's dashboard, facility managers can monitor the progress and status of various operations. For example, when a room is cleaned or when maintenance is performed on an HVAC system, the status is updated in real time.

3. Verification.

Moki cross-references real-time data with scheduled procedures to ensure compliance. For example, if the garden maintenance routine is set for every 10 days, Moki will check whether gardeners follow this routine.

4. Metrics and reports.

Managers can view reports on various indicators. This could include metrics like average elevator maintenance time, frequency of missed cleaning routines, or monthly landscaping cost.

5.Non-conformities and action plans.

If a certain process, such as the monthly inspection of fire equipment, is not carried out on schedule, Moki signals it. The system then suggests an action plan, assigns responsibilities to relevant personnel and monitors the remediation process.

6. Strategic decision making.

With accurate data on facilities management operations, senior management can make informed decisions. For example, if energy costs are consistently high, Moki data can identify which systems or buildings are to blame, leading to targeted investments or changes.

_Examples of building management checks using the Moki platform.

Cleanliness check.

Moki checks the frequency of cleaning routines against the set schedule. Are the bathrooms cleaned every day? Is the lobby floor polished every week?



Through these checks, the Moki Platform ensures that the customer's facilities management processes are efficient, timely and of the highest standard.

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