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Prateleiras de supermercado

_Verification of the efficiency of supermarket management processes using the Moki platform.


A large supermarket chain wants to ensure that its operational processes are efficient, aligned with the company's objectives and respond to the constantly changing business environment.


Use the Moki Platform to check the efficiency of supermarket operations, from the front of the store, inventory control to customer service, identifying areas for improvement.

Mulher fazendo gestão de supermercado


1. Adoption of Moki platform.

The client starts to digitize several forms and implement new procedures to align the operation with the features of the Moki Platform.

2. Programming and monitoring.

Through Moki, the supermarket schedules its daily, weekly and monthly operational routines, such as stock replenishment, customer service and ensuring food safety.

3. Checking procedures.

Moki constantly checks whether defined procedures, such as FIFO stock rotation and adherence to food safety standards, are being followed.

4. Metrics and reports.

The Moki Platform provides the client with real-time metrics and indicators, presenting them through easy-to-understand reports and dashboards. This helps the supermarket assess which processes are working well and which ones need attention.

5.Action plans for non-conformities.

If a procedure is not followed or a metric is off target, Moki suggests Action Plans. These plans outline steps to correct the problem and assign responsibilities to specific individuals or teams.

6.Continuous adjustment

Given the ever-changing nature of the grocery business - seasonal demands, supply chain disruptions or emerging customer preferences - Moki adjusts its metrics and procedures, ensuring the company  remain agile and responsive.

_Examples of checklists used to evaluate supermarket processes:

Stock management.

Ensure stock rotation, avoiding excess or lack of stock.

gestao de estoque supermercados.jpg


The Supermarket chain, taking advantage of Moki's comprehensive and flexible platform, can broadly visualize and refine its operational processes.


Through actionable insights, continuous feedback, and adaptive routines, they ensure not only the efficiency of your grocery operations, but also the satisfaction of your customers.

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