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_Audit of HSE Processes using the Moki platform.


Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) procedures are fundamental to ensuring the well-being of employees, protecting company assets and ensuring environmental compliance.


The client, an energy company with onshore and offshore facilities, needs to ensure that its HSE procedures are effective, up to date and implemented at all locations. They use the Moki Platform to ensure process compliance and audits of all control points.

Pessoa realizando verificação de SSMA


1. Configuration and programming.

The customer configures Moki according to their HSE standards and procedures, entering the specific parameters, guidelines and best practices they wish to apply.

2. Monitoring routines.

With Moki's monitoring capabilities, the platform monitors daily HSE activities, ensuring they are aligned with established standards.

3. Checking procedures.

The platform automatically checks procedures, evaluating real-time data against programmed SSMA benchmarks.

4. Metrics and reports.

Moki compiles data from all sites, presenting metrics and indicators in a unified dashboard. Reports are generated that detail the performance of each location.

5.Non-compliance alerts.

Whenever a procedure does not comply with standards or there is a deviation, Moki alerts the Health, Safety and Environment team. This real-time feedback ensures quick action and minimizes potential risks.

6.Action plans.

Moki helps create action plans, assigning responsibilities to the person responsible for the area.

7.Strategic adjustments.

Given the constantly changing business environments, Moki is always adjusting its parameters, including new HSE regulations. This ensures that the customer remains compliant even as standards evolve.

_Examples of forms used for HSE processes:

1) Environmental compliance;


2) Health monitoring;

3) Observation cards;



By employing the Moki Platform, the client was able to obtain a complete view of its HSE processes across all facilities. The platform not only highlighted areas of non-compliance but also assisted with necessary corrections.

With Moki's adaptability to changing business environments, the client remained resilient and compliant in its HSE operations, ensuring a safer and more efficient workplace for all its employees.

Form EDI

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