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_Evaluation of the quality control process using the Moki platform.


The client, a leading electronic device manufacturer, is experiencing an increase in customer returns and complaints about its latest product. There are signs of inconsistencies and inefficiencies in its quality control process.


Use the Moki Platform to digitize, automate and evaluate the efficiency of the client's quality control process from start to finish.

Funcionários averiguando a qualidade dos produtos


1. Programming and monitoring.

  • The client programs its quality control routines and procedures in Moki.

  • Moki monitors operational activities in real time, ensuring that each step of the quality control process is strictly followed.

2. Verification.

  • Moki checks each quality control procedure, ensuring employees are following established protocols.

  • Automated checks help identify if any steps were skipped or not performed correctly.

3. Metrics and reports.

  • Moki features key metrics such as number of units checked, number of defects found, average inspection time, and more.

  • Customized dashboards offer an overview of the process, helping management identify possible bottlenecks or inefficiencies.

4. Action plans.

  • In cases where non-conformities are detected, Moki activates an action plan.

  • Responsibilities are assigned to specific personnel to rectify the issue, ensuring a timely resolution.

5. Feedback.

  • Moki offers a 360-degree assessment, collecting feedback from QA personnel on potential improvements and challenges.

  • The platform adjusts based on the evolving needs of the customer's process.

_Examples of forms used to verify quality control processes:

1. Inspection of incoming material;

2. Inspection of the manufacturing process;

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After implementing the Moki Platform, the CLIENT observed a 25% reduction in product returns and a 40% decrease in customer complaints in the first quarter. The platform not only streamlined its procedures, but also ensured that any non-conformities were promptly addressed.

Form EDI

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