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_Innovating industrial routines is up to Moki.

In the competitive industrial race, ensuring operational efficiency becomes more crucial to business success every day!

_Examples of Moki's application in Industry.

Stay in control of processes  using digital forms and customized reports adapted to the routines of the industrial sector:


Quality controls

  • Raw Material Compliance

  • Product integrity at all stages of the production process

  • Final product quality assurance tests

_Discover Moki solutions for Industry.


Digital process supervision.

Moki is not just another checklist tool; is a complete platform that digitizes and automates the verification of processes that take place in the industry, from start to finish.

Easy and agile monitoring.

Say goodbye to printed spreadsheets and Excel files! With Moki you can digitize your forms, improving work dynamics and increasing the productivity of the entire team, from data collection to information analysis.


Dynamic and practical.

Industries are constantly evolving. Moki understands this, and that's why it offers versatile tools and flexible business rules, adjusting at any time to the demands and particularities of your processes.

All information in one place.

Reports, metrics, indicator monitoring, personalized dashboards and executive control panels - everything at your fingertips and on a single platform. Moki allows data to be crossed to generate transformative insights for your business.


360º efficiency analysis.

360º efficiency analysis: dive deep into all stages of your business processes, measuring performance and operational efficiency from all angles, allowing complete visibility of your business.

_Moki is digital efficiency for your business.

Transform your industrial operations with Moki and stay ahead in the race for greater efficiency, quality and innovation. Start now!


_Success stories from companies like yours.

INDUSTRIA - Case Grupo Boticario.png

“We don’t need training. We asked people to download the application on their corporate devices, we distributed logins and everyone was fine, it doesn't matter if they have a lot or little knowledge of other systems. Moki is a very democratic tool.”

Felipe da Silva - Responsible for the Occupational Safety and Environment area at Grupo Boticário.

Grupo Boticário has always paid special attention to the area of Occupational Safety and the Environment, which is why, in 2018, they sought us out to help with their routine in the industry, which consisted of:

Print checklists, fill them out on paper during audits, then go through all to theinformation collected for different spreadsheets and, finally, spending hours comparing spreadsheets to build analyzes that were often out of date due to the time spent completing this entire process.

With Moki, we unify all checklists in one place, accessible via cell phone, independent of the internet, giving mobility to the user, dynamism in the operation, eliminating rework and increasing the sector's productivity.

Form Varejo

_Choose Moki, the future of industrial operations!

Get in touch to find out how Moki can innovate the way you define and execute your strategies in the Industry.


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