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_Digitize all Facilities processes on a single platform and achieve operational excellence in the services provided.

Increasing the company's operational efficiency reduces costs and improves team performance.

_Examples of Moki Application in Facilities.

Increase the quality of your service provision with Moki. Cleaning, structural maintenance, transport, reception, food and property security, Moki is prepared to reinforce its operational strength.


Cleaning services.

  • Creation of a schedule for cleaning and sanitizing routines for bathrooms, kitchens, floors, windows and facades;

  • Monitoring maintenance of internal environments and external areas;

  • Monitoring garbage and waste collection routines

  • Replacement control of disposable inputs.

_Tailor-made tools for Facilities services:


Multidisciplinary platform.

Moki digitizes and automates the forms that audit the most varied Facilities services, ensuring that they are all carried out in an agile, efficient and controlled manner.

Monitoring operational routines.

Follow all the routines of the Facilities teams! Moki is the platform that helps you ensure excellence in the provision of outsourced services.


Digital audits and supervisions.

Moki simplifies the audit of all processes, procedures and control points. Say goodbye to paper spreadsheets and shared files that slow your business down.

View your results in a personalized way.

Analyze results through clear metrics and indicators. With Moki's intuitive reports and customized dashboards, decision making becomes easier.


Implementation of Action Plan.

Did you detect a nonconformity or opportunities for improvement? Moki Action Plans allow you to assign responsibilities and ensure immediate treatment, whether in corrective or preventive cases, keeping your operations under control and focused on quality.

360º efficiency measurement.

Dive deep into every stage of your business processes, measuring performance and operational efficiency from all angles, allowing complete visibility of your business.


Dynamic and practical.

Moki offers versatile tools and flexible business rules, adjusting at any time to new market demands and particularities.

Data-driven decisions.

With Moki, you're not just making decisions - you're making strategic moves, analyzing and sharing data-driven, real-time information.


_Moki is synonymous with digital efficiency for Facilities.

Get to know Moki and achieve operational excellence in Facilities by making decisions based on data and in real time.

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_Choose Moki, the future of Facilities services!

Get in touch to find out how Moki can redefine the way you imagine and execute your Facilities strategies.


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