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_FAQ frequently asked questions.

_What is Moki?

More than a checklist, data intelligence that guides your decision-making. Moki is the platform that says goodbye to manual routines, the use of spreadsheets, errors and rework. In a fully electronic and automated way, the systems start talking and the data that was separated in different departments can be crossed, generating new insights and increasing the efficiency of your company. A set of processes that ensure better distribution and organization of data, transforming them into relevant information. This includes routines for processing, storing, classifying, identifying and sharing records; whether digital or physical.

_How can Moki help?

Moki works while you focus on what matters. In addition to automating processes, the platform allows for full monitoring of processes, as well as quick and easy management of resources and indicators. In this way, we eliminate errors from your operation, making your team more engaged with less rework. Result: you gain freedom and flexibility to work your strategy with data and concrete information in decision making.
Whatever your industry, we find answers to tough questions.

_Does my team need internet to use Moki?

It is not necessary. Although we are an online platform, our app is hybrid and allows checklists and forms to be completed even offline. This way, your team doesn't have to worry about the stability of the internet during supervisions. The information collected is stored in the Moki app until there is an internet signal to synchronize with our servers.

_What is the way to hire Moki?

Moki is marketed through a monthly subscription agreement.

_After I subscribe, how long does it take to start using it?

After our team's service and guidance process, you can start using Moki instantly, starting your strategic planning and configuring the platform the way you want it to work for you. Quickly and easily.

_I consider the operation of my business a little more complex than other segments. Can I have high performance with Moki?

Moki works with hundreds of clients who are in different stages of the project and have different levels of maturity. With so many differences between organizations and the new technologies brought about by digital transformation, there is definitely no one-size-fits-all solution. Therefore, it is crucial for MOKI to look for a solution that will help your company to save costs and increase efficiency. We have a structure that is customizable enough to meet different customer needs.

_Do you have any training?

Despite being intuitive and easy to use, all our customers have access to exclusive videos and manuals that help to use the tool in the best possible way. Some of our plans include exclusive training and consultancy, but these services can also be purchased separately.

_How much will I pay for the subscription?

Moki is licensed for a monthly fee calculated according to the number of users with access to the platform. In addition, there is the implementation fee, paid together with the first monthly fee, which entitles you to parameterization and two training courses (use and administration of the platform).

_Do I pay a fine if I want to cancel the contract?

Our standard contract term is 12 months and provides for a fine of 20% of the total remaining monthly fees if terminated before the end of this period.

_How can I be sure my data is safe with Moki?

For 15 years, safety has been one of our main values. Pioneers, we are an efficiency platform used by leading companies in Brazil and worldwide. Being a successful case of Google Cloud, our cloud architecture guarantees total security and efficiency in our solutions. The data entered is stored on Moki's servers that are hosted on Google Cloud. We use HTTPS security protocol for encrypted data transfers.

_Can I replace the Excel spreadsheet with Moki?

With Moki, the control of your operation gains much more efficiency. So, if you want to optimize time, eliminate errors, not have rework, automatically generate information from data, the answer is yes. You can replace paper and spreadsheet control and make your operation more efficient and electronic from end to end. At Moki, you have forms, checklists, audits, inventories and surveys all in one place.

_Is Moki a checklist app?

Also. Moki is not just a checklist app! With Moki, you have the flexibility to choose the best format to collect data in the operation. Moki is an app for checklists, reports, audits, inspections, inventories, surveys and direct integration with Google Forms.

_Am I supported by subscribing?

If you are a Moki subscriber, you can count on all our exclusive services to automate processes, generate very attractive dashboards and customize the platform to work exactly the way your company needs. Our customers have support that works from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 8 pm, through the email or by phone (21) 2527-0482.

_Can I integrate with my Power BI system?

We are integrated with all BI software on the market. You will be able to connect to our servers and use the data for strategic use within your company.

Our dataset is updated daily with all your data for direct consumption from your BI system. Use our servers as the data source for your Tableau, Power BI, Qlik and more.

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